hi i'm dorothy . i really like one direction, doctor who, and gravity falls.

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once me and my ex boyfriend were having sex and let me tell you he was a great guy but he was no freak between the sheets it was just always horrible sex. so i made up my own scenarios in my head to help myself enjoy it and i accidentally moaned niall horans name instead of his and he kinda just stopped thrusting and i could feel him go flaccid inside of me and thats why i’m single



andrew lloyd webber looks exactly like the kind of person who would write a musical about cats

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haleyhellums: I said “I want an awesome pic” Then @niallhoran got a leg cramp…


the worst part about having fallen for a fuckboy is that you will be fucked up emotionally but they won’t be affected at all if not better off after everything is said and done

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1D you have no ownership of any women if she leaves you then it’s her choice not an act of theft by another person. imma still bop to it tho…imma still bop to it

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'its alright, shinji-kun' kaworu says as he pulls various pre-teen girl magazines out of his bag. 'according to these lilin documents, there are several quick and glamorous steps to self confidence' 

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niall has been legal in america for literally one week and i swear he has been drunk 90% of that time

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"they did it on mythbusters"
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University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale AZ
Imagine: You’re Cold


Liam: *blows and rubs your hands*
Harry: *gives you his coat/jacket*
Louis: *gives you his beanie*
Zayn: *wraps your in a big hug under his coat*
Niall: “well damn, i can’t change the weather”

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why is harry afraid to post selfies like he never posts them he either takes a group selfie or no selfie at all is it because zayn banned him from taking selfies because zayn is the leader he probably banned harry from wearing hoop earrings too because thats also his thing and it doesn’t matter if harry’s mom bought him white gold hoop earrings zayn doesn’t give a shit

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